Powerful new features,
improved workflows,
flexible pricing, and more

We’re upgrading MYOB Essentials.
Here’s what you need to know.

Powerful new features,
improved workflows,
extensive reporting, and more

We’re upgrading MYOB Essentials.
Here’s what you need to know.

Essentials Upgrades are happening now

We’re upgrading Essentials to a new platform, giving you access to new features and more frequent updates, improved workflows and a cleaner, mobile-responsive experience. To get the most out of your new software, there’s a few differences you’ll need to be aware of once the upgrade has taken place.

Upgrade steps

How do I know once a file has been upgraded?

You’ll receive in-product and email notifications to keep you up to speed on the status of an upgrade.

After your file has been upgraded, you’ll see the new dashboard and be guided with in-product prompts to guide you through key changes.

Accessing Essentials

Once the upgrade has taken place, we recommend bookmarking the Sign In page at app.myob.com.

Worker accessing frames

New features once your upgrade has taken place


Create custom, personalised reports for clear insight on how your business is tracking.           

icon_workforce management

Easily manage employees with powerful payroll, easy time management, integrated super and flexible pay entitlements.


Make better business decisions with clear, easy to understand insights that are only available to the users you choose.


Effortlessly complete tasks with a new real-time dashboard, giving you more visibility on cashflow.