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Clarify your cloud ERP needs with our free Evaluation Checklist.

The cloud ERP decision is daunting

Sometimes, you’re so busy in your business that it’s difficult to work on it.
You know your systems are slowing you down, wasting time and causing issues with customers – but you’re not sure where to start looking for a solution.

ERP Checklist-1

Our Evaluation Checklist gives you a framework to assess your ERP needs – starting with these five key areas:


Looking for ways to boost efficiency and help your teams do more? Start here.


What specific functions are crucial to your operation, and what could you live without?


How does the system tech support your needs? Think data storage, customisation and automation.


Value is about balancing the lifetime cost of a new system and what you’re getting for your investment.


Examine network security, financial security and risk minimisation strategies.

Find your perfect fit

The right cloud ERP system can deliver countless business benefits – including productivity gains through automation, data analytics and powerful reporting, and increased visibility to help you spot inefficiencies.

Our Evaluation Checklist helps you establish priorities and find your best-fit cloud ERP.