Shift your employee benefits up a gear with Novated Car Leasing

Drive into a world of exclusive perks and tax savings for you and your employees with MYOB's Novated Car Leasing, powered by Flare. Save your employees thousands of dollars a year when salary packaging a vehicle. 

An evolution of Novated Car Leasing has arrived!

Introducing Novated Car Leasing through the MYOB Employee Benefits app, powered by Flare. It's a simple and automated benefit now accessible to MYOB customers, however many employees you have!

Employers can now give their employees access to their dream car through our innovative and digital Novated Car Leasing offering, all while enjoying meaningful tax savings and pay boosts, where it matters the most.


Novated leasing can save you even more money on an Electric Vehicle

With eligible electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids now exempt from the 47% fringe benefits tax - only if provided through a Novated Car Lease.

Get started with Novated Car Leasing today to take advantage of even greater savings from the exempt fringe benefit tax for an electric vehicle.

Employees with a novated car lease can save on average $6,000 a year, which increases to $10,000 with an electric vehicle.

Find out more about EVs and Novated Car Leasing

Your Guide to Novated Car Leasing

You can now offer your employees the gift of tax savings and budget management 

Unlock a world of benefits with MYOB's Novated Car Leasing, powered by Flare! 


Fully Automated

MYOB’s integration with Flare’s Novated Car Leasing effortlessly automates the traditional admin required to setup a lease and service the deductions. Plus all your vehicle finance and running costs like fuel and maintenance are bundled into one convenient deduction.

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Give Employees A Pay Boost

Employees can reduce their taxable income by making lease payments with pre-tax dollars, resulting in significant tax savings. Employees have the flexibility to choose the cars they want and negotiate the lease terms that work best for them. 


Be An Employer of Choice

Over 80% of employees who don't have access to novated leasing are interested in the benefit*. Stay ahead as a competitive workplace by offering an enticing package of benefits to employees. And it’s FREE for our MYOB customers. 


Go Green

Help your employees make sustainable choices and cater for growing demand of EVs through unlocking considerable savings with a novated lease. Good for the pocket and the environment.

Unlock Novated Car leasing for your employees

How Novated Car Leasing works

Drive your employee satisfaction to new heights and fuel your business with success. 

With a Flare novated car lease, you (and your employees) can get the car or EV you want now with no finance deposit, and bundle up all your vehicle finance and running costs into one convenient deduction. 

For more information and support on how it all works head to our Help Centre.

Getting started with Novated Car Leasing is easy 


Step 1: Invite your employees to sign up to Flare Benefits

Access employee benefits by signing into your MYOB account, via the browser or desktop software. We’ll prompt you to sync your employee’s details between MYOB and Flare, and soon you’ll be ready to start inviting employees in just a few clicks. Head to our Help Centre for support on how to activate employee benefits and send invites to employees.

Step 2: Employee agrees to take up a novated car lease

Upon learning about the tax benefits of Novated Car Leasing, the employee initiates a conversation with the employer. The employer reaches out to Flare and signs an agreement to provide Novated Car Leasing to the employee.

Step 3: Employer sets up Novated Car Leasing on MYOB platform

The employer follows a prompt on the dashboard to setup Novated Car Leasing which is fully automated.

Step 4: Employee selects a car

Once the employee selects are car, Flare will provide a quote and a 3-way contract will be signed followed by delivery of the vehicle.

Step 5: Automated lease deductions in payrun

MYOB business management platform automatically sets up monthly lease deductions for the employee.

Explore a world of perks

Novated Leasing is part of MYOB Employee Benefits Platform. Learn more about the unique perks you can offer to your employees.


All your questions answered about employee benefits

How do I access employee benefits?

To configure MYOB Employee Benefits, sign into your existing MYOB account through the browser or MYOB desktop software. Your team can access benefits via the Flare website or through the Flare mobile application (available for iOS and Android devices).

What benefits can I choose from?

Our marketplace has a wide range of benefits that you can enable for your employees, across multiple categories. MYOB Employee Benefits also features novated car leasing, curated events, wellbeing resources, discounted store cards and more.

Can I set up my own benefits?

Yes! MYOB Employee Benefits supports the creation of custom perks. Now you can make tailor-made benefits that are unique to your company.

How does novated lease work?

A novated lease is an arrangement between the employer, employee and Flare for a period of time.

When you as an employee decide on taking up a novated car lease plan, the employer will trigger a request with Flare via the MYOB platform.

The Flare team will then arrange everything for you from identifying and sourcing the car or EV of your choice at a great price through their network, helping you secure finance, to buying your car and having it delivered.

Who is eligible for a novated car lease?

If your employer off­ers a novated lease arrangement, you may be able to get one. Full-time and part-time employees with salary more than $60,000 may be eligible.

Flare can help get in touch with them to discuss salary packaging with your employer and help them understand the benefits.

* Source is Flare National Employee Benefits Index, July 2023 n=1,500.