A guide to simpler payroll and workforce management

Is your current approach holding you back?

Learn how bringing your HR, operations and payroll together in one cloud platform can help your business realise its full potential.

Gain real-time visibility

Break down information siloes and improve information flows. Collect, store and share data between your key business functions in real-time.

Automate manual processes

Empower your team to work on the tasks that count. A cloud workforce management solution allows you automate manual tasks, helping to reduce errors and streamline processes saving you time and money.

Manage compliance

With smart rostering, you can automatically build rosters that comply with business rules and legislative requirements. Built-in alerts let you know if there’s a compliance error before your roster is published and any hours are worked.

Optimise performance

Power your business with data-led insights – not just gut-feel. Identify the cost of a roster as you build it, and gain visibility into the sales efficiency of your labour with Business Intelligence reporting.


Download your guide to discover a simpler way to manage your workforce and payroll.