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Order management
  • Manage all orders in a single system with workflows for approval, pricing, and discounting.
  • Centrally manage sales activities, like quote entry, order fulfilment, shipment creation, and price management.
  • Reduce costs and improve supplier relationships by automating and centralising purchasing processes.
Production management
  • Automatically balance supply and demand.
  • View all work orders, when and how you want.
  • Get a real-time view of production and identify problem areas.
  • Track material and labour costs.
  • Schedule production on the shop floor.
  • Compare estimated/planned/standard production costs to the actual costs of the production order.
  • Capture total manufacturing costs, including material, labour, machine, tool, overhead and outside processes.
  • Get flexible scheduling using both forward and backward scheduling methods.
  • Easily create and update production orders.
Inventory management
  • Simplify your inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand.
  • Optimise stocking levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out situations with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs.
  • Manage inventory receipts, warehouse transfers, and transfers to production orders.
  • Track inventory by warehouse, bin, and location with cradle-to-grave lot and serial traceability.
  • Manage inventory valuations and perishable inventory expiration dates, and use matrix items to manage product families.
  • Get batch-size definitions for batch-process production orders.
  • Keep track of materials and product stock to avoid stock-outs.
  • Get total inventory control for finished products and raw materials.
  • Automate inventory transactions and set reorder points to prevent stock-outs.
  • Track on-hand, committed and expected stock amounts in real time.
  • Manage product variants and materials in one place.
  • Use barcodes to receive and count stock.
Bill of Materials and routing
  • Create production specifications.
  • Calculate costs at average, standard and actual cost.
  • Directly connect materials, work instructions, attributes and overhead costs to an operation.
  • Easily allow for the time-phased release of materials.
  • Get multilevel BOM/routing.
  • List the components required to produce an item, as well as any sub-assemblies and their components.
  • Get both an engineering and a costed view of the entire product structure.
Material Requirements Panning (MRP)
  • Plan every requirement for every manufacturing item.
  • View all supply and demand.
  • Make production and purchase orders directly from the planning screen.
  • Use full multi-level planning to ensure all requirements are recognised and satisfied for smooth production operations.
Product configurator
  • Make new orders by copying or modifying existing orders or quotes.
  • Make multiple revisions of the same configuration.
  • Keep a history of the revisions and who created them.
  • Prepare estimates for existing or custom items.
  • Create a quick summary estimate or a detailed estimate using a Bill of Material structure.
  • Make multiple revisions of the same estimate while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them.
  • Generate more accurate estimates of expected labour, material, and overhead costs.
Advanced financials
  • Enjoy a full suite of accounting applications.
  • Track daily financial operations.
  • Generate quarterly and annual financial statements with reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning tools.
Product lifecycle management
  • Stay on the same page at every stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Bring product information, people, and processes together into a single platform to speed product design and development.
  • Manage product information through engineering change approval, document management, and compliance with your extended product supply chain.
  • Keep track of the latest product design and engineering changes with real-time collaboration between internal and external teams.
  • Review and approve design changes between internal teams and supply chain partners.
  • Manage engineering changes for the full product record and engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, software, packaging, and documentation with supply chain collaboration, regulatory compliance, and quality management.
  • Automate the hand-off from engineering to manufacturing to speed up NPD.
  • Speed up review for release of products.
  • Simplify environmental and regulatory compliance.
Quality management
  • Control quality-related issues from anywhere, at any time.
  • Integrate quality management across every facet of your business.
  • Centralise your processes to increase traceability, reduce compliance risks and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Ensure the step-by-step completion of QC tests.
  • Establish an embedded library of standardised QC tests, control plans and compliance documentation.
  • Execute inspection plans, checklists and QC tests against products, people and equipment.
  • Auto-assign lot statuses and disposition lots based upon QC results.
  • Analyse QC tests by item, lot, job and vendor.
  • Improve auditing capabilities.
  • Support NC and CAPA processes.
Shop floor management
  • Align sales and production on-the-go with the MYOB Advanced Mobile app.
  • Send tasks for incoming manufacturing orders.
  • Assign and reassign jobs to operators who can start, pause and resume tasks to keep you up to date on production.
  • Track time spent on tasks to optimise shop floor activities.
  • Scan barcodes with any smart device to monitor material usage and track batches and products.
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