Peking Duk x MYOB

Part time DJs,
full time MYOBelievers

Peking Duk’s Adam and Reuben are the undisputed kings of taking ideas from backyard chit-chat to business cha-ching. Let them bestow their wisdom upon you and boost your business self-belief – live from the Backyard Boardroom.

Their latest business banger, Escar-on-the-go

The gents at Peking Duk were keen as mustard to show budding entrepreneurs how even the wildest business ideas can be brought to life. And what better way than their Escar-on-the-go business? The food truck was a one-off event but what a one-off it was!

Peking Duk’s recipe for success

Find out how goods-based businesses like Escar-on-the-go can use MYOB to manage their business all in once place.

Launch that idea, you sparkly business unicorns

3 in 4 Aussies have a business idea that never gets past kick ons. That’s like 75% or something.
Check out Peking Duk’s list of guides that’ll help you nail your business idea and give you the confidence to actually launch it.

Peking Duk

Get Cooking: Peking Duk’s guide to coming up with a bangin business idea

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Peking Duk

Show Us The Moolah: Peking Duk’s guide on how to score funding for your business

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Peking Duk

Let’s Launch: Peking Duk’s guide to starting up your business

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Now in sesh, dial-in to the Backyard Boardroom

Peking Duk have made heaps of business blunders in their time. Watch and learn how the MYOB business management platform can save your bacon.

Launching in style

The Peking Duk boys talk time machines, as they look back on their humble beginnings without MYOB.

Surprise out of office

Adam and Reuben are attached at the hip, which is why it was odd that Reuben was in Spain when he was supposed to be on stage.

Merch meltdown

Imagine ordering 3,000 cosy hoodies to a roasting Townsville gig, where the walls are literally sweating. Yep, it happened.

Financial woahhs

Horsemen, flamethrowers, top-hats – hear how adoring fans love this stuff and how mismanaged bank balances don’t.

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Hit your business flow state

Keep your business running smoother than a pair of servo sunnies on a Sunday with the MYOB business management platform.

Peking Duk

Stay in sync with
your customers

Keep your customers raving and your days off free from chase-up, with marketing, invoicing and quoting, automatic payment reminders, pricing updates and way more – all in one place.

Reuben, DJ

Get a cheeky deal on MYOB Business

Startup your business idea and run it with MYOB from just $5 per month for 6 months*

Because with the right tools, your business brainchildren can go from backyard chit-chat to cha-ching.

Over a million businesses are slaying it with MYOB


How Cardigang weaved their business dreams into reality

  • Small business
  • Supply chain
MYOB let us launch our business, not get buried by it.

Morgan Collins & Cat Bloxsom – Cardigang, Melbourne, VIC

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Hegi Design House

Fit for purpose now, and in the future

  • Small business
  • Payroll
  • Retail
Using MYOB to manage your business not only makes your life easier – it creates space for you to focus on your dreams, and your vision.

Juri and Nelli Hegi – Hegi Design House, Gerringong NSW

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A&S Welding & Electrical

Modernising inventory management

  • Small business
  • Supply chain
If you’re looking to optimise the way you handle inventory and keep everything in one easy-to-access place, MYOB is the program of choice.

Ashur and David Barkho – A&S Welding & Electrical, Smithfield NSW

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* Terms & Conditions
Offer: $5/month for a MYOB Business Lite base subscription or $8/month for a MYOB Business Pro base subscription for 6 months.
Offer excludes Premium Features such as Payroll add-on and Premium Inventory. Cannot be used in conjunction with MYOB’s 30-day free trial offer.
Further exclusions apply. Offer ends 26 October 2023 unless varied by us. Additional T&Cs are applicable to online invoice payments, including per transaction fees and charges. Full T&Cs here.